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Kiveton Park - Todwick - Wales
Kiveton Bridge - Wales Bar - Waleswood

These villages are situated in the south of the Borough of Rotherham. The villages of Wales and Kiveton Park with Kiveton Bridge are settlements along the B6059 which connects the Mansfield Road to the west with the Worksop Road to the east. Todwick is a nuclear village just north of Kiveton Park. These villages use the post town of Sheffield and have Worksop telephone numbers but are none the less in the Borough of Rotherham.

There are some sparse remains from Roman times in the area. By Anglo-Saxon times it was a settled, farming area of no importance in the history of England, let alone the world. This changed in the 1770s when the Chesterfield Canal, designed and built by James Brindley was built to the south of the villages. Although the primary purpose of the canal when it opened on 4 June 1777 was to transport coal from Derbyshire it soon had other uses. Stone was quarried at Kiveton Park; indeed the stone to rebuild the Houses of Parliament was transported from here down the canal system to London. Later the railways came through, massive collieries were developed there were iron and steel works. Todwick, being just north of the other villages avoided most of the Industrial Revolution.

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